Will Mark be the only person working with me?

For the most part yes, Mark tries to remain the point of contact and correspondence for all his clients before and after new accounts are established. He believes that is the best customer service. However he does have others who are helping him in the back office (behind the scenes) you should be introduced to should you decide to give Mark the opportunity to be of help with your investment management. Here are some of the people you may be dealing with.

First Nicole, Mark’s executive assistant. She handles all the back office service-related items, that any letters Mark needs sent are, in fact, sent, and that any reports that are required are sent on a timely basis.

Stephanie, Diana, and DJ, are part of Marks business processing team. They help with any questions, transfers, or problems that may be encounter.

Mark believes very strongly that this industry requires a team approach. The information to absorb is massive. Certainly you deserve a quick response to your questions and problems. Only through a dedicated staff can the information be absorbed, appropriate recommendations made, and prompt and efficient service be given to you, the client.

So, should we ever do business together, you can rest assured that we have assembled a dedicated staff of professionals to better serve you.