Work with a Financial Advisor

2 Easy Steps

Mark Lund specializes in providing 401k consulting for small businesses and financial advisor services for select individuals.

Mark’s mission is simple:  To create successful 401k plan experiences for plan sponsors and their participants.  That’s why he created The 401k Advisor Retirement Plan Solution.  It’s a comprehensive, evolutionary six-step process that’s built around three principles: Simplicity, Focus, and Balance.

Simplicity- We do the work for you.
Focus– Results, we manage the provider.
Balance– Minimizing costs, creating exceptional value.

Step 1: Request your FREE information packet.

Our FREE Information Packet is a great tool to get you started. We frequently have people tell us that they feel like they are reading their own history of investing mishaps when they go through the information. They often say they wished they had learned those lessons sooner.

Step 2: If the material makes a connection with you, the second step is to call our office and schedule your complimentary consultation.

At the conclusion of this complimentary consultation, you will have better clarity about your goals and objectives and know whether or not there is a fit between what you need and the services we offer. If there isn’t a good fit between you and our firm, then we part friends. If there is a fit, then you will walk away from the conversation with a clear understanding of what needs to happen next. It’s that simple.

Start by request the guide that you feel makes the most sense for you.  To the right you will see a number of materials to choose from.  We are happy to send them out to you right away.

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