Participant Continuing Education

Investor Coaching Series

Education is an important part of creating participant awareness. It is important to note that general education is different than investment advice. Investment advice could lead to fiduciary liability exposure, where participant education could actually provide insulation for fiduciaries. To provide clarification, the Department of Labor has highlighted the kinds of information that it does not consider investment advice.  

We provided quarterly or semianually participant education seminars, designed to help plan particiapants get to the point where they can answer yes to the 20 must answer questions for peace of mind investing.

Here is a short list of some of the titles of the workshop we provide for participants.

  • Separating Myths From Truth, The Story of Investing
  • Choosing Your Investment Philosophy
  • Examining Your Expectations
  • Understanding the Dimensions of Risk & Return
  • The Investment Vortex: Getting through the black hole of investing
  • Structuring your Free Market Portfolio
  • Costs: The Dark side of Investing
  • The critical mindset for harnessing the power of Free Markets
  • The history of investing
  • The benefits of international investing
  • Putting risk to work for your portfolio
  • The grand enigmas of investing