Investor Coaching

Why Investor Coaching?
The reason for investor coaching instead of financial planning is because financial planning is often used as a device to push product onto investors that, in turn, pay a high commission.  In this case, the plan is done more for the benefit of the salesperson versus the peace of mind and well-being of the investor. What is good for the planner and financial institutions is often at odds with what is best for the investor.

Only by fully exploring and customizing, with the aid of an investor coach, can you ever expect to successfully alter your experience of investing.  The primary goal of investor coaching is to help the investor solve all of the problems that traditional financial planning creates.  Traditional planning causes confusion and complexity.  Coaching allows the investor to cut through, simplify, clarify, and experience ever growing levels of personal confidence in the face of changing technology and volatile investment markets.  Don’t take our word for it, sign up for one of Mark’s FREE coaching session and see for yourself!

The richest people in the world use coaches and it’s no accident.  It may be one of the best kept secrets of the rich.  What all high achievers know is that they need someone who can give them an objective view on the results they are working to create in their lives. A coach not only holds you accountable for the results you desire, a coach also provides you with insights and strategies you can use to achieve those results in the best way possible.  Using Mark as your personal Investor Coach will help you answer the 20 Must-Answer Questions to be a successful and worry-free investor.  The first step Mark will do as your investor coach is start with the investor inventory. 

The Investor Inventory is your chance to rigorously examine your present investment and financial position.  It will help you to determine what the next best step is for you to experience both your money and your life as more abundant.  Chances are one of your biggest problems is one of the following. 

  1. You don’t even know what your real problems are.
  2. You don’t know what you don’t know. 

The first step in improving your portfolio and increasing your ability to create real wealth is to diagnose the true nature of your current position.  This can only be done by asking the “right” questions.  What are the right questions?  Taken as a whole, they are the questions that few financial planning processes answer, and they lay at very heart of building better investment solutions to reach your goals.

Most of these questions will deal with issues you have never directly addressed or, worse yet, didn’t even know existed.  Each question has been specifically developed to help you focus on the dangers and opportunities for growth and improvement in your present investment experience.

Going through the investor inventory with Mark will help you see what the real underlying problems are and quantify them so that you can begin to solve them.  Most investors do not know what their problems are or how much they could cost them.  After completing this, you will have achieved excellent insight into both areas.

The next step is to take action and request a free copy of Mark’s investor awareness guide and audio CD titled “The top 7 investor Traps”  you can use the form below or just send Mark and email.