Mark K. Lund, Independent Investment Advisor

Mark K. Lund is the author of The Effective Investor, a #1 best seller, and founder of Stonecreek Wealth Advisors, Inc. an independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisory firm.  He has provided articles for or been quoted in: The Wall Street Journal, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Enterprise Newspaper, The Utah Business Connect Magazine, US News & World Report, and, just to name a few.  Mark publishes two newsletters called, “The Mark Lund Growth Report” and “Mark Lund on Money.”  Mark provides CPE (continuing professional education) courses for CPA’s.  You may also have seen him on KUTV Channel 2, or as a guest speaker at a local association or business. Mark provides investment and retirement planning services for individuals and 401(k) consulting for small businesses.

In his book, The Effective Investor, Mark exposes the false narrative magazines, media, big Wall Street firms, and most advisors want you to believe.  The good news is that Mark will show you that you don’t need their speculative ways of investing in order to be a successful investor.

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Rather than just list off the usual boring bio, Here is a short personal bio from Mark…

I was the oldest of four and grew up in Sandy, Utah.  I was blessed with a great family who taught me values, honesty, and hard work.  I have many great memories spending time with my three siblings, building forts, camping, and playing basketball.  When I was young, I had a goal  to make 100 free throws in a row.  I would practice for hours.  The best I ever got was 81 in a row and 97 out of 100, twice.  I think the big lesson I learned from these experiences is that you can accomplish goals if you work hard at it.   

When I first met my “future” wife she was heading off to Atlanta Georgia.  Our story is a little different than most.  Usually you hear about a girl waiting for a boy.  With us, it was me waiting for her.  We wrote every week while she was gone.  As soon as she returned home, we got engaged.

It wasn’t easy for us to have kids.  After many years of trying we were blessed with two, Trevor and Brook.  Trevor loves golf, and plays on the Loan Peak High School golf team and loves to hang out with his friends.  I think the first words out of his mouth were, “Can I play with a friend?”  Brook loves to sing and dance.  She is always making up songs and singing non stop throughout the day.  She is a very happy girl and just made the drill team at Loan Peak.  My wife is my best friend.  I can’t say enough about her.  She is the most honest person I have ever known.  She is a great support and loving mother.

In my early 20s I wanted to go into hotel management.  I was lucky enough to get a great job at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas as a way to pay for college.  This was a fun job, meeting celebrities and making some great friends.  While working, there I realized that I did not want to go into Hotel Management.  Rather, I realized I wanted to help people with their investments and retirement plans, which I have been doing now for almost 25 years. 

Now you know a little about me. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you, your family and your dreams. 

If you would like the usual boring bio here it is just in case…

Mark K. Lund is author of The Effective Investor, a #1 best seller, founder, and CEO of Stonecreek Wealth Advisors, Inc., an independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm.   He has written articles for or been quoted in: The Wall Street Journal, The Salt Lake TribuneThe Enterprise Newspaper, The Utah Business Connect Magazine, and, just to name a few.  Mark publishes two newsletters called, “The Mark Lund Growth Report” and “Mark Lund on Money.”  Mark regularly provides CE (continuing education) courses for CPA’s.  You may also have seen him on KUTV channel 2, or as a guest speaker at a local association or business.  Mark’s focus is to help people with their investments and retirement plans.  

In 1999 Mark started his career with the Principal Financial Group, a financial planning firm.  He received the honors of “Rookie of the year” and “New agent of the year.”  In 2001 he founded Stonecreek Wealth Advisors, Inc.  Specializing in 401k consulting for small businesses and investment advisory services for select individuals.  In 2010 he published his first book, The Effective Investor.  Mark’s book reveals 20 secrets for ordinary people to build extraordinary wealth.  

Mark has a seasoned understanding of the 401k market and investment management.  What Mark seeks to offer is peace of mind.  His goal is to get his clients to the point where they can answer yes to the 20 must answer questions.  He is interested in long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial and built on the highest level of integrity, trust, and service.  It is this outstanding service and commitment to excellence that allows Mark to expand his practice.

Marks education includes: Working in the investment management business since 1999.  Master Certified with the H.S. Dent Foundation.  Series 65 license, Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA), College of Financial Planning, Denver CO. Fall of this year.

Mark offers investment advisory services through Stonecreek Wealth Advisors, Inc. an independent, fiduciary, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm. In Mark’s spare time he enjoys riding his dirt bike, playing with his kids, fishing, reading, writing, and going on walks with his best friend, his wife.  To learn more about Mark please visit his firms website at

We are sure you will appreciate the dedication he will give to you. Mark and his staff are committed to providing you with prompt, courteous, high-quality service.  Please feel free to contact Mark.