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Speaking for your organization is a great way to add value to your organization and reduce your fiduciary liability as an employer.

Part of the value of us speaking to your company is to help reduce liability. The Department of Labor has issued many guidelines for employers to follow. As part of ERISA (The Employee Income Security Act), Section 404-C has many provisions that help employers who have employee directed benefit programs. In particular, Interpretive Bulletin 96-1 (otherwise known as Safe Harbors) spells out four categories that any information or materials you provide should fall under. Our materials fall under at least one or more of the categories, which makes our materials acceptable. This shows you are taking extra steps to assist your people with making more informed decisions. So we are actually reducing potential liability.

Employers see an increase in benefit participation rates when employers provide financial education. you will also see a positive impact on employee retention, recruitment and attendance. By having this information delivered through an independent third party, you complement and reinforce what your benefit provider is currently doing to inform your employees. You also avoid a perceived conflict of interest. There is a correlation between financially secure employees and employee productivity and stability, many employers are showing interest in delivering quality financial education programs but are often unsure where to begin. We can assist you with this process in a manner that treats your employees with respect while providing the necessary tools to help them improve their financial well being.

In many cases employers are providing employees with information on the specifics of their benefit plan. This is an important step but should not be confused with the type of service we offer. With the current climate of the economy, the stock market, and recent events regarding Enron, WorldCom and other employers, it is important to educate employees on financial matters. According to CNBC, thousands of Americans have seen their 401(k) accounts fall during this last crash. Many employees have lost everything. In just one hour, they can learn valuable information to potentially help them. Quite simply, if you don’t assist employees in this area, many of them may never receive the knowledge needed to make educated and well informed decisions regarding financial matters.

We realize you will be bringing us in to educate, not sell. By offering this type of service we assist people with developing a better understanding of key issues they may need to confront, which often leads to people seeking us out to assist with financial issues. We are licensed in investment securities and insurance. We have a system in place that allows us to provide the support your people deserve. If any seminar attendee requests a follow-up meeting with our firm, we will contact them to set up an appointment. If we do not receive a request, our firm will not contact them at any time in the future.

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