The Effective Investor Seminar

If what you thought to be true about your investments turned out to be false, when would you want to know?

Mark Lund, author of The Effective Investor, a #1 best seller, cordially invites you to attend his next seminar.

The Effective Investor seminar will reveal secrets such as:

  • The myths of investing that cause the biggest mistakes
  • How to know if you should be in or out of the market
  • Why some people almost always make money in the market
  • Where the biggest returns come from when investing
  • Why you should never own consumer/retail mutual funds
  • How to make your portfolio perform like a symphony
  • Why an investment’s track record means nothing about how well it will do for you in the future

The principles Mark teaches in his book are backed by the top academics from some of the most notable universities including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and the University of Chicago.  If you are dissatisfied with current lackluster performance, then you need to attend this seminar.

Please RSVP NOW – Seating is Limited!
If you have at least $100,000 in Mutual Funds, IRAs, or a 401(k), this is a “must attend” event.  Please do not wait to call and reserve your seat(s).

DATES:  Please contact our office
TIME: Starts at 6:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Slat Lake Community College (Call for exact dates and location)

$50.00 per couple, this includes one copy of The Effective Investor, a #1 best seller. 

Call our office with any questions 801-545-0696.

Sponsored by Stonecreek Wealth Advisors, Inc., A fee-only registered investment advisor firm, located at 11650 So. State Street, Suite 360 Draper, UT 84020